Adjudication Timeline


Or years…or maybe even longer?


I’m in the same boat, with a similar timeline (BI wanted to clear up whether one job listed on my SF-86 was self-employment… I brought in my 2017 1099 and last couple of pay stubs from 2018, BI seemed satisfied, told me a few days later “it closed”.)

So is it now at the stage where I can/should FOIA the investigation? Or will additional info be added in the course of adjudication.

Like the above poster, I’m also worried that FOIA-ing the thing will somehow delay it!!


As stated, an FOIA request has no bearing on an investigation. In fact, if your application is still in progress, you will get an email saying that it’s still pending.

If you can verify that the investigation is, in fact, in CLOSED status in JPAS, then you can request it. In my experience, it takes about 30 days to get it back (you can request secure email).


Thanks. So the adjudication process itself doesn’t add more (FOIA-able) information to the file?


Saw some people above (FKhan and JohnJeffers) with similar timelines to mine so thought I would chime in. My timeline for a T5 BI for a TS Clearance so far is:

Jan 2017- eQIP submitted
July 2018- Interview with NBIB investigator
Sep 24, 2018- closed and sent to DoDCAF

Based on how long everything else has taken I assumed adjudication might take a couple months but from what I am seeing and from talking to a few people it seems most initial TS clearances are adjudicated in a matter of a week or two. Not sure what is holding mine up but like everyone else I’m concerned and stressed. Hoping we all find out good news soon.


Apollo, do you know the exact date that your investigation was closed and / or sent to DoDCAF? Seems like there are a few of us on here whose cases were sent around the same time (mine was sent on 24 September). Would be interesting to see how all of our situations and timelines play out.


Well, I know people here have said the BI can’t actually tell (or maybe just aren’t supposed to tell?) when it closes, so take this with a grain of salt, but mine told me Oct. 23 (which makes 489 days since eQIP/SF-86 submission, but who is keeping score?).


The investigator may not be able to tell you when it closed but the date the investigation is closed is listed in JPAS and you should be able to ask your FSO for it. Just takes a few minutes for them to look it up. Problem is that once it goes to DoDCAF there is virtually no information available, even to the FSO.


The BI doesn’t know when your case will close. They probably told you the date they sent their report. The field investigation is the second step of a four step process.


@FKhan14va any updates on your adjudication? Hoping you get some good news soon. Keep us posted.


@johnjeffers262 do you know the exact date your investigation was sent to DODCAF?


I did my CI poly and I have been in adjudicating since 4 weeks. I currently have Secret/SSBI. My Secret clearance was adjudicated like 5 months ago and my initial investigation was started in Dec 2017.


Wow! That is a fast process for you so far. Is your clearance through DOD or some other Agency?


Yeah mine actually went very fast. It’s DoD.


@FKhan14va and @johnjeffers262 any updates to your status? Been adjudicated yet or still waiting?