Adjudicator reaching out vs. SOR

Question - Is it better to be contacted by the Adjudicator directly vs just getting the SOR? Does that show that they don’t view you immediately as a ‘no-go’ for the clearance?

Context below…

So I’ve been off the board for awhile due to work and just to ‘zone out’ while in the waiting game. I’m currently with the DoD and was notified that my DoD TS was approved to move up to TS/SCI and I was going to be indoc’d on the XXth.

As I have been waiting for my IC TS/SCI w/ Poly to be adjudicated I have been doing monthly check-ins with my previous CJO security person. As my DoD clearance was moving up in access I went ahead and told her about this as well so she should update the Customer. Well…lo and behold the response I got back was not expected. Turns out the FSO got notification from the Customer that an Adjudicator was trying to reach out to me and subsequently she asked me to confirm my information to which she had already passed to them previously.

Yes, being contacted by an adjudicator is a lot better than receiving an SOR.
It means that they need more information from you or need to clarify something, before making a final decision.
With an SOR, their decision would already have been made for the most part.