Administratively withdrawn clearance can't be reinstated by new company

Hello all,

I went on terminal leave out of the US Navy on 17 November and started a new job as a contractor on December 5th. My final day with the navy is December 27th. I have a secret clearance from 2009 also held a TS/SCI for a bit. When i left the navy my clearance was changed to administratively withdrawn but the new company can’t reinstate my clearance. The FSO says it just won’t let her do anything with it and there is no note for why it was administratively withdrawn. I did go to court for a speeding ticket 81/55 in August and my clearance was changed to administratively withdrawn 2weeks prior to when i checked out with the old FSO. could it be the ticket that is stopping me from having my clearance reinstated?

You may have to have the new company submit you as an initial, have that investigation opened, and then request a crossover. I had several fall into this weird category where it said “unadjudicated Info.” I am told that covers a lot of territory and can mean many things. If the date of re-investigation is long in the tooth, if new information has come to light, etc. But we were able to submit as initial and then request crossover and it worked. Seems to be a work around of a computer glitch but it worked.