ADP2 / IT2 - credit check

I am going to have my background check done for a ADP2/ IT2 clearance. Up until late 2016 - March 2017 i never had any missed payments. This was due to a family member being sick which caused a financial strain on me and my family. I’v’e never missed a payment on any card until late 2016. I had 3 accounts go into collections in march 2017 but since then i’ve had no other late payments on any other accounts. I am working on setting up a payment plan for these accounts that are in collection but have not done so yet.

I wanted to know, is that going to have a impact on me passing the background check ?

Financials are always a concern. Get your payment plan in place and start getting your debt payed down. Depending on how much debt there is, it may have an impact on your adjudication. Debt is always looked upon as to your life decisions and ability to remain free from potential influence from a negative entity…

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