Aero DOD Crossover time

Hi everyone, hope everyone’s day is going well!

I’m currently in the process of onboarding to my new job, going from one aero dod company to another aero dod company. The last step is the clearance transfer which I was told could be a month to three months. Does anyone know how long that should realistically take? Going from one aero company to another? I cant imagine it taking that long. Every time I ask my onboarding partner for updates, they have no clue. Currently have TS/SCI going to another TS/SCI required job with a possible poly at some point.

Just got my TS/SCI last year, so its recent.
Should I reach out to the FSO at the new company for updates? Any recommendations/info would be appreciated


Could be quicker than a month, and should not take three months…

Once the company submits your name to the customer, they may not have much visibility into the process. Keep in mind that the company wants to get you on board as soon as possible so you can start charging your time to the contract $$$

I’d say, give it a couple weeks and if you haven’t heard anything maybe a little “need anything else from me” email would be in order.

Gotcha, thank you for the information squirrel!