After Appeal Process

Just curious,

What happens after the in-person appeal hearing? (which I assume is the last step) If granted the security clearance, do you automatically have access or is there still some waiting period?

If you win your appeal, the government has an opportunity to appeal. If you lose, you have the opportunity to appeal.

In my case, I won my appeal with the ALJ and, at first, the government was going to appeal. After a week they withdrew the appeal. It still took me about a month to start work but that was because of end of the year budget issues at my company.

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Thank you for some insight.

Still waiting on a in-person hearing date from a particular agency. Patiently waiting…

Depending on your location, you can wait months for an in-person hearing. Then it can take months for the judge to render a decision. Have you retained a lawyer for the hearing? The process is informal but you will be facing a government lawyer on the other side of the table.

Yes, I have a lawyer on retainer that has worked with me since I received the SOR. Currently, it has been about 5 months total since the beginning.

You say it could take a judge months to render a decision…but I’m guessing different agencies do that final adjudication process differently too?
Just anxiously waiting until I can work in a cleared environment again…