Applying to OPM, Need Advise

Hi all. I am going to be applying to an OPM job here in my area and would like to ask for words of advise. The position is for a GS5/7 Investigation Assistant.

I worked as a Personnel Security Clerk for about 6 months (temp) and am experienced with the e-Qip and the adjudication process.

I also have completed a number of DSS e-Qip online courses and have passed a State background check and a NACI.

Anything I should play-up in my application? Any “key” words I should use?


If you are supporting clearance investigations, I would play up all of that. If it is for law enforcement investigations, no real applicability. I got my start in this industry with a Physical Security office in the Air Force and eventually worked all aspects of Industrial, Personnel and Info Security. So having that background does lead to bigger and better things.

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Thanks for the info, amberbunny. Yes, the position would be supporting Investigators both in the office and in the field. The position will get me a T5 clearance, so that is a huge plus.