Applying to OPM, Need Advise

Hi all. I am going to be applying to an OPM job here in my area and would like to ask for words of advise. The position is for a GS5/7 Investigation Assistant.

I worked as a Personnel Security Clerk for about 6 months (temp) and am experienced with the e-Qip and the adjudication process.

I also have completed a number of DSS e-Qip online courses and have passed a State background check and a NACI.

Anything I should play-up in my application? Any “key” words I should use?


If you are supporting clearance investigations, I would play up all of that. If it is for law enforcement investigations, no real applicability. I got my start in this industry with a Physical Security office in the Air Force and eventually worked all aspects of Industrial, Personnel and Info Security. So having that background does lead to bigger and better things.

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Thanks for the info, amberbunny. Yes, the position would be supporting Investigators both in the office and in the field. The position will get me a T5 clearance, so that is a huge plus.

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It definitely led to my first TS, later a few SCI’s, and was key in me retaining a position when another person only had interim Secret and never submitted paperwork to get the full Secret, at least not in a timely manner. Continue to take the DSS courses as well for a broad knowledge background. You already know what gets accepted, what gets rejected etc. That in and of itself is valuable, marketable knowledge.

The IAs are normally field office staff and normally don’t have direct involvement with individual cases. The IA is similar to an office manager, our “front office”, who works directly for one or more SACs and is the administrative SME to the agents.