Background Investigation & Employee Record

My Background Investigation is now starting. The Investigator is coming to my job tomorrow and requesting a copy of my “employee record”.

I went to HR and asked them to get that ready for me so when the investigator comes tomorrow there are no delays. Well, the head of HR said she has to call legal to see if they can release that information in my state.

Question is if HR can only give the basics such as Employment dates, salary, job title/rank would that slow up my investigation at all? I am starting to see light at the tunnel and I don’t anything possibility slowing up this already deathly slow process.

I went into HR thinking they just would be like ok we will get it ready and it turned into the huge thing having to contact legal, then contact my investigator. Ugh. Any insight would be awesome.

Thanks guys

This is fairly common and the investigator will likely be used to it.

Cool thanks. Wish me luck. I assume they want to have my background done before my polygraph that is happening at the end of this month.

They go off of whatever the HR person gives them.

Interesting. I know in my smaller company, I work with 2 other people, we don’t really even have personnel files. It is a Manila folder with our name handwritten on it and consists of a copy of our Driver’s License and SS card… wonder how that might work. Just wish this could be over instead of just beginning.

I feel you. I will let you know how it goes after tomorrow.
I have nothing to hide and hope it wont be a issue (seems like it wont).
HA, Id sell my first born if it meant speeding up this process and me getting the job.

That might impact your clearance…

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@chas1133 what are you referring to? for cleared only, not in process must have clearance to join

Sorry, I misunderstood in email: selling firstborn :grinning:

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