Border Patrol still having polygraph problems?

A few years back some official statistics came out which showed that the Border Patrol had a much higher polygraph failure rate than any other agency, including other DHS elements. Although no new ‘official’ statistics have been released, this article claims that the problem continues

Amid Border Patrol recruitment crisis, one step of the hiring process is wiping out tons of applicants

Perhaps the most surprising item is the claim that Border Patrol uses a private company to conduct polygraph exams:

The Capital Center for Credibility Assessment Corporation receives the most federal money for polygraph examination services, and CBP is its number one customer, according to federal contract records.

Now it is not clear if they ONLY use contractors to do their poly’s or if they are just augmenting staff… but this is very surprising to me… and it sounds like other agencies use them as well.

So CBP for their hands slapped for disqualifying good candidates because of “inconclusive results” on the poly. Now remember CBP polys for a clearance so when you get DQd by CBP it really screws with your clearances other places. So long story short they’ve gotten a lot better and have 3 levels of review for poly results.

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