Bought a a relative a Christmas gift that was a drug paraphernalia.

I’m in the process of a TS/SCI investigation.

I was buying Christmas gifts for my relatives a few weeks back…and bought my brother something called a grinder that he has talked about with a little design on it since he uses marijuana. It’s labelled and sold as a “herb grinder” apparently, but I think I’m going to try and return it or just throw it away now.

I didn’t really realize that it could be illegal to buy these, I see these shops all around in malls and stuff. Now I’m worried I screwed things up with my job by doing this, I feel I would get too nervous and have to mention it during a polygraph.

Did I just ruin my chances of getting a clearance?

Well they sell them on Amazon. I don’t think it’s really illegal since it has legitimate use. Probably want to make sure you are careful next time buying products used for pot.
That being said, let’s act like we didn’t have this conversation. I’m not saying this for you to be dishonest. It’s just going to cause problems where there doesn’t need to be any.

Based on your comments here, this is going to turn up if you take a poly. If the discussion doesn’t come around to it on it’s own, you’re going to be nervous enough for the operator to see something is going on.

My advice? Return it and give your brother a gift certificate. Then report it before your poly. I seriously doubt that the purchase will cause a problem with your clearance. Your concern about it certainly will.

First, you shouldn’t be encouraging your brother to smoke weed. Second, you shouldn’t be buy drug paraphernalia in any case. So . . . What’s the “little design” on it? Probably a dead give-a-way.