Can I join the website clearance jobs (yes or no)

I will try to keep this short as possible. I signed a job offer (May 2016). My secret clearance was approved (Aug 2016). It is now Dec 2016 and I have not been given a start date. Can I join the clearance jobs website without getting in any kind of trouble? I am a US citizen and I currently have an active/current clearance. I just want to clarify the job portion of the requirement, I have signed a job offer I just haven’t been given a start date. Thanks for any assistance you can offer me.

Shaun P


I have the same question . . . My clearance is current but not active because I have not started work. The screen to join requires the user to check a box saying, “I have held a job requiring a clearance in the last two years.” My last cleared job was in 2012. Right now, I have an offer letter from a contractor and I am waiting for a start date that I expect in early in January.

Call this number 1-800-947-3561 it is the site’s help support department. I explained everything to the person and they answered my questions/concerns. So I will keep waiting and hope to start sometime soon but based on the information I provided him (same as in my question) i am not eligible to join the site because my employment doesn’t start till my official first day of work at which the same time my clearance will become active :frowning:

See . . . That just doesn’t seem right . . . Your clearance, like mine, is CURRENT even though not ACTIVE . . . That is the same situation as someone who has left, or lost, a cleared position. So, there are plenty of people on the site who are not active.

But . . . It’s not my site . . .

@EdFarmerIII, @deborisphill

Apologizes for the late reply. Following up on your discussion. Due to the limited screen space given during the registration process we keep our eligibility requirements (U.S. citizen, work within past 2 years, clearance status) short and sweet which covers about 95% of the cases. In your case, candidates who have received final security clearance but have not yet started the job that requires the clearance are eligible to register on ClearanceJobs. You will want to include this in the Clearance Notes section of your ClearanceJobs profile.

I have updated our ‘Eligibility Requirements’ page to reflect this. Thanks.


Excellent Eric!

Of course . . . Now, I’ve started my job! I plan to sign up in the next few days . . .

Thanks Eric, for this valuable information I will attempt to sign on later
this week.

Hi @eric.pecinovsky are people with SSBI’s allowed to sign up also?

We’re you granted a final clearance or public trust? If so, you can sign up. If you are unsure of your status, you can request info from NBIB if investigation was conducted by OPM.