Can I rent only to clearance holders?

Recently bought a house in Maryland and I’m looking to rent out my basement but I’d like to rent out only to clearance holders to avoid (or try to) headaches. I’ll be living at the house and I also hold a clearance.
I’m aware I can put it up on the boards at work where pretty much only other cleared personnel will see it, but I was wondering if I can advertise it on online on renting websites as such without infringing any laws.

I hope this is understable. I’ve had horrible experiences renting out to some people and I’m hoping to minimize the chances of getting a bad tenant by doing this.

I don’t know anything about the legality or logistics of this, but thinking you’re going to get a squeaky clean applicant this way is laughable. Clearance holders are very often very problematic people.


I would post it at work but not advertise as this could make you a potential target as it announces to the world that you may have access to information not commonly known to the public. This actually sounds like a security training scenerio :smile: Word of mouth is good because then someone knows the person and there’s a little more accountability. Or, ask H.R. if they know a good place to post for people starting the job who may be relocating in. People with clearances generally try to be good for the most part because their job depends on it.


Oh I know that. I’m not thinking I’ll get the perfect tenant by doing this. Like I said, I just hope to minimize the chances of getting a bad tenant and I think it’s a good strategy because if they ■■■■ with me or my house I can let their command know, and again, I wouldn’t expect their command to do anything either. All I’m doing here is trying to minimize the chances of getting a bad roommate and I understand it might not work.

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How would you verify they have a clearance?


If they sit next to you at work? :slight_smile: