Who Can I Rent Rooms To?

Hey guys,

I recently bought a house last year. I began renting out rooms when I got the house and only rented it to cleared contractors and/or federal workers in my area and stuck to that. Recently one of the rooms became available and Im now looking for another room mate to rent out the vacant room. Its been difficult finding the proper renter thats a cleared professional. Can I rent the room out to an individual that is on an H1 visa/ indian national or will that be an issue with my clearance? I have worked with classmates with an H1 visa but a roommate living in my house seems like another issue. Im also in process for an initial TS and hold a final secret.

Should I let him rent or should I not? Lastly what is the rule of thumb when renting my rooms our to people? Id usually ask my manager but for security stuff it can be tricky.

Thanks as always guys!

If you owned an apartment building, it would be illegal for you to refuse to rent to someone on an H1 but most states have discrimination exceptions for renting small unit when you reside there. It’s really going to come down to your relationship with tenants. In reality, it shouldn’t be a problem if you are simply renting a room but I would have issues with several cleared personnel sharing living space with a foreign national. You shouldn’t be discussing classified material at home anyway but everyone will have to be much more careful with the new tenant around.

I would definitely only advertise on work area Bulletin boards to ensure cleared folks…but it can get sticky. So much as foreign cleaning staff gets dicey at times.

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It is good you mentioned I cannot discriminate if it was an apartment building. Ill keep this in mind as I intend to own one in the future. Bur currently this is for my house. We dont discuss classified aside from daily lives outside of work. My relationship with my current tenants are great, not complaints but we dont interact with each other. Many of us just stay cooped up in our rooms, a familiar environment to most engineers. Sometimes we talk when we run into each other either going out or cooking in the kitchen but iteration is minimal but social and friendly when those occurrences do happen.

So with the foreign national, will it be okay for a TS or will it just delay my clearance processing?

I have bulletins at work but many people are stuck on leases sadly. Most of our new hires get to me at the wrong timing. But do you think this Indian foreign national will delay my TS processing?

It is unclear to me if you are living in the house in which you are contemplating the idea or that you will not be living in the house.

If the former, I would suggest you to contact your security officer and get an “approval” in advance. If the latter, then it shouldnt be a problem but I think that you will need to “monitor” the tenant’s immigrant status.


Definitely an issue with shared living quarters. Possibly a “concern” that needs pass muster if you rent a house to a person and do not live there. Just reportable, but not a problem, if that helps. Living in a cosmopolitan area like MD or DC…it is as multi national a place as you can get and you may not get a choice as to denying an otherwise acceptable person.

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I currently live in this house. But I do contemplate on leaving for another job in the LA area. If so I will likely keep the house, continue renting out the rooms. But for now I am living among the tenants.

Many thanks for your advice. I live in the Los Angeles area. I do agree, while there are many cleared jobs to supply the city with cleared individuals, the number of applicants that do not fit in this category (non US Citizens, foreign nationals, H1 visa holders, non-DoD, non-cleared) are much greater.