Can you apply for your own ssbi security clearance?

I currently work for local government and I hate it. I want to be a background investigator, but most places want you to already have SSBI security clearance. I read that you can fill out an “e-quip” form online to get started on the SSBI process. Does this mean its possible to apply for security clearance, even if you dont work for a background investigations group? If so, I’d love to apply for it myself so I can get it done and apply for jobs.

No. You require a sponsor. Someone with positions requiring the clearance. None of us technically possess an SSBI or any clearance. the clearance is with the position. We have eligibility…meaning a BI scoped us and found us worthy at the time. You can apply for support positions requiring clearance and as soon as it is granted and you are read in, you can then claim the clearance eligibility and see if you can move to an investigator position.


When you say a BI scoped you up, do you mean that a regular BI can put in a good word and help us get a position. There are a lot of level 1 hiring, especially with CACI, but I’m finding it hard to get in contact with a recruiter or supervisor and all of the job fairs are in Virginia. Can a regular BI employee help the hiring process via networking?

Can you withdraw from a security clearance at the administrative review phase if you don’t think one will be granted? A withdraw seems better than a denial.

No, not put a good word in. When a person says they are “cleared,” what they are really communicating is that they have had a BI, or NACS, and were found eligible to have access to classified material. Mind you, that is very awkward phrasing and most simply say “I am cleared, or I have a clearance.” You are correct there is a high concentration in the northern Virginia area. If one has the means to relocate or commute there…easy to find entry level positions requiring a clearance: Housekeeping, escorts, culinary etc. Once you have the NACS checked or the BI complete, then you start shopping around to cleared companies advertising for salaried work you truly want (if you qualify). Don’t turn your nose up at a housekeeping position or an escort slot. I have 422 support positions on the contract I support. I have TS SCI Full scope Poly housekeepers, culinary, escorts, grass cutters, etc. They have the very same clearance access as high speed analysts and what not. If they saw fit,.and pursued education along the way they could easily apply for these cleared positions and move up in life.

Adel, depending on how far into the process you are, whatever it is you fear they uncovered, may already be uncovered. So if you applied to another location they may access the completed parts of the current investigation and see whatever it is you fear may keep you from getting cleared at the moment. It would be considered unadjudicated info, require a full investigation, meaning you could not crossover (if you have an existing one) or get an interim. If you forgot to include info, by all means get in touch with the BI person and add it in. But it sounds as if, as the question is phrased, you know there is derogatory info likely that will exclude you (speculation on my part).

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