Cancellation of Investigation

How long after a request for cancellation of a T5R investigation does it take for it to be offically canceled? My FSO requested it be discontinued last week. I called the FOIA hotline today and they said that a request was received but it was still pending and had not yet offically been stopped. Thank You

Sorry to hear your investigation was cancelled Zazh. I remember you saying you waited a long time as a result of the BI. If the investigation is cancelled, does that mean you have to leave your position?

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Sadly I haven’t actually even started working yet.
I had been waiting for so long with no end in sight and am relieved its finally about to get cancelled. It was with the military who I’m no longer with, so I didn’t want to risk continuing on with it with the chance of it being cancelled and not knowing it because they’re no longer sponsoring me. My prospective employer would rather it just be discontinued so they can do It through someone else and get it completed much quicker.

It might be different for FSOs, but as an investigator, when I request a discontinuation on a case it usually takes a minimum of 10 business days to receive a response.


Thank you very much for the insight. Does it normally take a couple weeks? Or could it take much longer??