Discontinue Investigation

Hello, I’m still trying to get an investigation canceled from 2016 through the military. I’ve been out of the military for a year now and haven’t been able to begin working because my prospective employer can’t start a new investigation until this old one is closed.
The security manager from my prospective employer wants it closed because they go through someone else and wouldn’t be able to see if OPM decides to cancel it because they find out the military is no longer sponsoring me. Also it can get completed much faster through them. I haven’t even had an interview yet and if I get one in the near future there’s no telling how long I’d be in adjudication for. Please help! How do I get OPM to discontinue it? Why are they still keeping it open? OPM refuses to talk to me and I can’t get a hold of my old FSO from when I was in the military.

The FSO should contact OPM and find out the initiating agency contact person, then reach out to them to have the investigation in progress transferred to the new sponsor organization.