Canda Solutions?

Who is Canda Solutions? I see they are hiring Investigators. Any insight?

I believe it’s an offshoot of paragon or at least connected to them in some way. Take that for what you will

I think they are a small business used as a shell for paragon to be a sub. So basically they get money for doing nothing and bringing no value other than fulfilling a contractual requirement.


They are a sub for CACI on the DCSA contract.

Currently with CANDA. So far so good. Everyone here has been very helpful. They just started to bring on Field Investigators and are doing their own thing supporting CACI and DCSA.

Apparently a sub to CACI that gets paid for half-ass working investigations and writing ROIs in broken English. 0-10, do not recommend.


Thank you for the feedback. @TrafficRZ you are with Canda directly working on dcsa? I saw their post for investigators but I wasn’t sure if it was independent of Paragon. looking for a change.

@yellowmouse - Yes, I’m with CANDA working on DCSA only. What I’m doing is separate from Paragon. Check their website for openings, I know they are hiring, if you are looking for a change.

I currently work for CANDA after leaving Paragon and I love it! I would definitely recommend joining but be patient because they are still new in this field.

Canda is like working for Paragon. Same management, or at least a lot of them, and same model working together as a sub to CACI. Believe everything you read on these boards about Paragon and beware of Paragon and Canda!


Was hired on by CANDA 2 weeks ago when Paragon crumbled. Did anyone else come over? All seems to be going smooth.

Was not aware Paragon crumbled? Thought they were still around? What happened 2 weeks ago! Best of luck to you.

Paragon is focusing primarily on DHS which is their prime contract. They werent making much money as a Sub under CACI and have limited investigators working DCSA now.

Too bad Canda hired Paragon shills as team leaders. Canda Chapter 2-Finding out that everything shiny isn’t always gold or silver, possibly fools gold.

P.S. Paragon touts being prime on DHS-dumb. CACI, Peraton and possibly OMNI are also prime on DHS.

Do you know if CANDA is still hiring? Some friends working dcsa want to leave their current employer.

Yes, CANDA is still hiring for investigators and record technicians.