Can't validate eQIP?

Hi, I’m done filing my SF 86 eQIP. There are some entries I don’t have the information to enter into by the due date such as document # for my sister’s citizen naturalization.

I explained this in the optional comments section.

The software won’t let me move forward to validate and sign?? How do I do this?

I ran into this once before… not the exact same situation, but some field I could not get past.

Have you tried “N/A” or maybe a string of zeroes?

What I did, I wrote an obviously wrong/imaginary number say 111111111 AND explained in the comment box that I didn’t have the information requested for now but would get it ASAP.

You will need to obtain your sister’s information eventually - take the time to get all of the requested information now.

You will need to go back through your eQip to look for the blanks. Sadly, the eQip validation just means the program accepts your submission. Additional information will probably be needed after the submission is reviewed. Also - you will probably have to talk to an agent/investigator if information you provide (such as your sister’s naturalization number) doesn’t match the information in the various databases.

Taking the time to thoroughly and correctly fill out that form will save you a snot load of time during the investigation.

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Try to obtain the information as requested and if you can’t get it because it doesn’t exist or she won’t give it to you…explain that fully in the optional comments section. Be very careful about entering false or dummy information into the equip. It doesn’t look good without an explanation.

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You can’t call your sister?

If you list the wrong number the person with the wrong number will be flagged as undocumented. If you list the correct number you may not need a face to face interview but if you list the wrong number it will trigger a face to face and that’s when you can provide the correct number.


Hello, I’ve gathered the info and inputted it!

Now for relatives, my brother in law and their children, my niece and nephew also live with us.

The drop down menu doesn’t give me an option to select “bro in law, niece, nephew,…” So I’m getting an invalidation even though I’ve explained it in the additional comments section.

why in the world would you list relatives not needed to be listed? The only time you list bro-in-law, nephews and nieces are when they are foreign nationals.-Then you list them under foreign assocations.


Wait a second… 12 hours ago it was “OMG I can never find this information what do I do” now its “nevermind.”

Applicants filling out the SF are some of the strangest things I’ve read, listened to, and attempted to reason with. People put all kinds of nonsense on government forms.

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There are some entries I don’t have the information to enter into by the due date such as document # for my sister’s citizen naturalization.

Was this information not already in your SF-86 from previous applications?

And I live in the Bay Area. Because of Covid, I cannot do the interview at my house. There is absolutely no privacy and my Dad is 75 with immune system condition.

Can BI do a phone interview? We still have shelter in place orders but I’m sure they will let me go to his office?

all members in the Household I meant to say.

They moved from so with us recently. I thought all members have to be listed.

In response to harpoon’s smart aleck remark…my parents thought they had put in our safe deposit box ( but thankfully they didn’t) . Geez.

we don’t do in person Subject interviews at your house. In your area and situation, you will either have to wait, be done by telephone or video conferencing.

No, you only list the family members requested by the questionnaire unless they foreign citizens.

Harpoon wasn’t being sarcastic - Subject 's rarely grasp the importance of the security questionnaire and try to wing the responses.

Rule #1 - Don’t get butthurt by questions. You will answer a great deal of questions (many more than once) as you go through the security process.

Some security people are blunt - that means they want a straight answer. Others are ambiguous - they still expect a straight answer.

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And if I dont need to report it… should I still mention it in the optional comments? I went to court and the ticket was dismissed.
Mentioning in optional comments is still a bad idea?

Guys another question:

SF 86 asks to traffic tickets $300 and over

The ticket I received was an infraction that totaled $367.


The actual ticket amount was $150.

The remaining was penalties and administrative fees that pushes this over $300.

So do I need to report this?

yes - the fine/fees were over $300. There is no need to make comments for simple traffic infractions, even those over $300.