CBP LECA Clearance Process

Can anyone tell me what the current wait times are like for Law Enforcement Communications Assistant positions with CBP?

Here is where I am at now:

Application Submitted: 03/05/2016
Closing Date: 03/08/2016
Interview: 04/28/2016
Contingent Offer: 06/02/2016
UA Test: 06/17/2016
B.I. Interview: 08/12/2016
Follow Up B.I. Interview 12/02/2016
Pending NAC 01/10/2017

When I talked to HR they said my status had changed that day from “Pending” to “Pending NAC”. Can anyone clarify what that means? Has CBP completed there part of the investigation and is now waiting on OPM?

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated.

All I can offer is that NAC stands for National Agency Check. These used to take a day or two at most but with everything so backed up now, who knows.

Thank you Squirrel. I appreciate that. I was able to figure that part out. However, HR stated that they have seen candidates in “Pending NAC” for a YEAR! Granted, they stated that was exceptionally rare.

Oh my… Anyway I can recall not too long ago (well, not by my standards but some of you may have still be in grade school at the time) when a person would start on Monday and they’d have their interim secret based on a NAC by the end of the week.

Yes! I can recall that as well. That’s why I was trying to ascertain if there was something new with NAC’s with CBP anyway.

So, also currently in the LECA process, heard i was updated to “pending nac” yesterday(25Apr17). HR guy said may take 1-2wks maybe longer. Had another source advise the same, and its almost done(final step) in the adjudication.

My unedu. Guess is that if BI didnt go well you wouldnt proceed to pending nac.

Congratulations! Nice to hear from someone else who is going through the process as well. I went to “Pending NAC” 01/10/2017. Talked to HR; which has been very nice through this entire process. They are of the opinion that I should have a final decision by June. That would be a total of 14 months which seems to be pretty on par with what I have heard for CBP.

For the rest of us who might be curious, what is LECA? Oh wait never mind I scrolled up to the top and saw it was spelled out in the original post :grimacing:

As a new candidate this is what I know. LECA stands for Law Enforcement Communications Assistant. The position is available in CBP and ICE. From what I have been able to read and inquire; the position was reclassified. It was known as Sector Enforcement Specialist and then became LECA. The job itself from what I was able to grasp from the announcement and my interview process is pretty cool. There are a few articles online about it and on the CBP website they feature a video describing the position.

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For those in similar processing stages; here is my update:

Application Submitted: 03/05/2016
Closing Date: 03/08/2016
Interview: 04/28/2016
Contingent Offer: 06/02/2016
UA Test: 06/17/2016
B.I. Interview: 08/12/2016
Follow Up B.I. Interview 12/02/2016
Pending NAC: 01/10/2017
NAC Results Sent To CBP: 07/30/2017
Pending OPR Adjudication: 08/02/2017

Has there been any further updates? I’m in a similar situation. Thanks.

Greetings. Did it take 14 months for your entire app process or 14mths for you BI… Its been a year since ive been waiting to be hired on and my BI was submitted back in 1/18. Im slowly losing hope.


Don’t give up hope. So, here is what I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty. CBP is without a doubt one of the most challenging agencies to get onboard with. If you only count my “BI” and not application process, HR process and everything in between; this is my timeline. Investigation began on 08/12/2016, my investigator had preliminary data acquired right before we met. He was very seasoned and extremely efficient. His completed investigation was turned into CBP on 12/28/2016 right after Christmas with us meeting for a follow up on 12/02/2016. So total time for just the field portion of my investigation was a little over 4 months.

Now one might say WOW! That’s fast, and for all intents and purposes it was. However, that is not all that is involved, not by a long shot. CBP requires a NAC “National Agency Check” this is one BIG piece that is outside their wheelhouse. CBP requested my NAC way before my BI. If memory serves it was like 05/01/2016. The results of which were not sent to CBP until 07/30/2017, that’s 14 months for a NAC. If you ask anyone that is a crazy amount of time.

So, I reached out to my congressman when I found out that the BIG hold up on my investigation was my NAC. And, when I did that; the pace accelerated quickly.

From beginning to end for me? Well, honestly I don’t know. I opted to go with another agency after waiting for two years. I was getting really good opportunities from other folks and was SO done with the wait.

CBP needs good people and if you can manage the wait. Then be prepared for a wait. Are you aware of the status of your BI? In other words, has your primary investigator submitted your package to CBP? Has your NAC been completed? Call your HR representative with CBP and they will tell you if your “Pending NAC”. If you are, and it’s been a long while. Call your congressperson. There is no harm in having them reach out on your behalf to assist you. I would not recommend having your congressperson reach out to CBP though. NBIB sure; if your NAC is the hold up.

In closing, know this. The internal affairs realm of CBP is an island unto itself; they make the final adjudication. And I am here to tell you; they take there time with each package. So, there you have it. I hope this helped and good luck.

Thank you so much for your reply and reassurance…When I called HR all they tell me is that my BI is in process. I was told that my BI originally started back in 11/17 however I completed my field interview with my BI investigator in which she submitted everything 01/24/18, after that my BI has just been stagnant on my end. I will call and ask them about my NAC status. So im able to contact my congressperson and have them reach out to NBIB to inquire about my NAC?

Thank you again I appreciate your help

It’s my pleasure. The whole BI process, at that level anyway can seem like a never ending and isolating experience. So, I was fortunate that my HR point of contact was very empathetic and she would really go the extra mile to look at the minutiae of my “status”. Initially, it starts out as “Pending” then “Pending NAC” then after that it’s pending internal affairs signing you off.

Yes, you can reach out to your congressperson for help. If your NAC is pending; and, HR should be able to tell you that. When you reach out to your congressperson they actually generate a formal congressional inquiry to the Director of the NBIB. They have 30 days to respond. When I got a copy of the response from my congressman it was really cool. It outlined all the details of my status and within days my NAC was adjudicated and I was moving forward with my CBP process.

What was really nice about how my situation played out is the Director told my congressman that my SSBI completed by CBP supported a TS clearance. Just having that gave me a better sense of where things where for me. Hopefully, the same result will be appreciated by you.

So, are you going out for a LECA position? Or something else?

Also, here is a little information you may not have. If you are going out for the LECA position they do the same BI on those candidates as they do for the CBP Agents. Hence the reason for the length.


Good morning. I am in the hiring process for a Supervisory LECA position. My timeline has been relatively fast as of yet (attached below). However, I was curious as to who you were contacting for the updates? It is the FOIA line: (724)794-5612. My BI has been great, but she finished up contact with people the Friday before last, and it has been radio silence since. Any information would be deeply appreciated.

04/23/18: Announcement Closed
05/21/18: Telephone Interview
06/21/2018: Conditional Offer Pending BI
07/06/2018: SF-86 & Print submitted
08/03/2018: Interview with BI
08/06/2018: Most of my References Contacted/ Interview with Current Employer
08/17/2018: Last reference contacted

My appologies for taking so long to respond. My POC was the CBP HR Center. You can reach them at (952) 857-3267.

When you call ask to speak with your assigned HR Rep.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you so much for your help! I appreciate the phone number. I’ll give this a shot :slight_smile: