CCA downgraded to Single Track (Mistake?)

Issue resolved recently.

Although I am not an investigator, I have been around this business for a long time and I’ve never heard these terms. Could someone please enlighten me?

It was also strange to me. It seems like the equivalent of an interim for SCI (meaning Conditional Certification of Access), based on my google searches . It can be obtained by government employees and military members within 24 months of them leaving service where they had access to SCI. Single track seems to have to do with needing a poly done, but I admittedly can’t find much about the topic.

Is it possible that OP hasn’t completed a CI poly within the last 7 years? It might also be that, however erroneously, the issue of parental citizenship got brought up. In which case, there is little to be done except wait until they make a decision and appeal if you are unhappy.

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Hello all. Yes @danorou is correct about CCA. Single track means the agency accepted the crossover of my TS clearance (reciprocity of Continuous Evaluation determination) but wants to investigate further in regards to my SCI access (even though I just had it).

My CI Poly is within scope (less than 3 years old).

Parental dual citizenship was brought up as a reason for further investigation into my SCI access. I provided further documentation immediately.

@moodyhank31 were you still able to apply for jobs with a single track? Unfortunately, I was rejected for a job due to my single track, and was told to try non-NSA affiliated jobs.