Single track clearance?

Hi all! So… long story, short, my previous employer was sponsoring my clearance; however, after 2 years and still being in the queue, the employer decided to desponsor me to free up slots to clear/transfer other folks. Luckily, I was able to find another position right away and this company was able to pick it up.

I had filled out my SF86, March 2019, had the interview done, December 2019, then silent after that and thanks to COVID, it was delayed. Now, my current company was able to pick it up but I had to refill my SF86 and am considered a single track now. What does that all mean? Since I refilled my SF86, will I be interviewed again? Did I go backwards in the process? I also hear that single tracks are lowest priority. :frowning: I was submitted on a contract as a software engineer so would that help any? Any information will help.

This is what I think it means based on experience with a place that I used to work: “double track” is you put someone in for the TS only first, then once that is done, put them in for the SCI. The place I was working at the time did this for a while because it was going faster that way. “Single track” is putting you in for TS/SCI right from the start.

After a time they (the company) realized that there was no difference so they did the single track just to save paperwork. Other than that I never heard of a priority difference.

Will you be interviewed again? I would hope not but it has been over a year. Guess it depends on a lot of things but I don’t think it will slow things down all that much even if you do have to be interviewed again.

I stand ready to stand corrected.

I appreciate this! I just have no idea what to expect and am scared to hear if a “single track” could potentially set me back. I’ve already been waiting since 2019. :pensive:

The way I understand it is that in a single track you either come in with a ts and get put in for a sci/poly or if you dont have a TS: they put you for the background and then do the poly.

With dual track they do both concurrently.

As a contractor, the single track is the worst situation you can be in, at least at my agency. You are lowest priority.

Im on the single track: I came in with an interim TS and then went for the SCI/Poly. It’s been a test of patience as this whole process has been going on for more than 4 years.