Clearance entering reinvestigation during job change

I accepted a new position with another company a few days ago and am going through the background investigation & drug test process before giving notice with my current employer. I was just notified today by my current employer that it is time to start the reinvestigation for my TS.

If I start that process will it continue without gap through my job change?

Trying to figure out how best to approach this. Advise welcome.


Unless your new company has a billet for your TS/SCI - your reinvestigation will not happen.

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So you accepted a new position, and the new employer has already started a background investigation? While at the same time, you are already cleared, and it is time for a periodic update for the existing clearance?

Is that right?

They do. The job requires an active TS.

Well, I suppose you could drag your feet on filling out the SF-86/eQIP with your current employer until you are ready to give notice. There could be a risk that the reinvestigation for the current clearance could mess up the new clearance with the new company.

It could be nothing at all, but it could be a big mess, as reinvestigations seem to take a lower priority and proceed much more slowly.

The new employer started their typical employee background check, I don’t believe it’s related to the clearance just the usual check employers do on new employees.

But yes, my current employer notified me that they are initiating the PR. I believe they will be asking me to complete my SF86 in EQIP within a few days.

I’ll likely be giving notice in 2 weeks after the new employer checks pass. That may be anytime in the process of before EQIP initiation, submission, etc.

My current plan is to call the new employer and ask them for how they would like me to proceed to best ensure that my clearance transfers. I’m just trying to get advice here to be educated. And I’m a little concerned that the job may fall through because of it too.

Ask the new employer, they will need the investigation anyway. It’s possible for them to take control of after it is started or they should be able to start it as soon as you start work. You don’t want to fall though a crack in the works.