Clearance Timeline

Figured I’d just update everyone with my clearance timeline as my TS clearance finally came through. I held a Secret since '15.
SF-86 Submitted - Aug 17
Interim Granted - Sept 17
Interview - Nov 18
Cleared - Feb 19
Granted Mar 19

In total 582 days, hope that this is helpful to other members.


That’s about the same timeline I have. What were the exact dates from cleared to adjudicated? I’m still waiting on adjudication, so I’m interested in how long it took.

I wasn’t given those dates. It just showed up in my companies portal with the cleared and granted dates. However in speaking with an OPM agent, the 90 day process only begins after an internal review is completed by OPM. Based on the day my clearance was granted I would guess that my 90 day started a few days after my subject interview.

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