Confidential security incident

Last year there was a “security breach” involving a Confidential vault being left open.
NCIS was contacted and conducted an investigation.
Since I was the highest ranking person on site, I was chalked up with those who left it open and we were all punished equally.
When I returned to work, I was told that my clearance was intact and there were no reports or findings made against it due to the nature of the incident.

Now a year later, I’m being notified by my FSO that there is an outstanding issue with my Secret security clearance dating back to the incident last year.
Was I lied to then or now?
From what I see in JPAS, my clearance is active. This incident occurred in August of 2017, but the last Evaluation or Investigation of my clearance reads June 2009 in JPAS… Nothing that I can see even on there.

-I’ve never mentioned it to my new employer, as the report is protected by the Federal Privacy Act.

I intend on contacting NCIS for all reports and paperwork corresponding to this incident, and for good measure getting a statement ready to explain to my employer… Or should I wait until my next SF-86 to disclose everything if it doesn’t come up??