Confusion regarding public trust/BI/T5R

I work as a CBPO. Just got done my 5 years reinvestigation and when it was closed (favorably) got a letter in file stating that my investigation was T5R. As far as I know T5R is for TS clearances so now I am confused regarding the sensitivity designation/risk and clearance ( if any) I have as a CBPO. I asked around coworkers and got different versions so I would like some answers from some that actually knows about it. here are my questions: I went under a T5R in case I need a TS in the future? so they can just granted without additional investigation? I currently have some clearance and I do not know about it? what kind of clearance/designation/risk usually a CBPO gets after a T5R? Thank you.

It could be similar to background investigators, who undergo a T5R due to the sensitivity of the job, but they will only rarely actually be granted access to classified info. Since CBPO is an armed law enforcement position I suspect this is the case.

Unfortunately this does not qualify as “actually knowing about it”

You have a high risk critical position, this is why you have the T5/T5R. You are eligible, but probably do not have, a clearance.
Good luck with your career.

Thank you for the info

Thank you for the info. Now one more question, so if I applied for a CBP assignment that requires TS will they use the same investigation just got done? or they will initiate another one for the TS clearance. That is actually my case, applied for another CBPO position that requires TS. Thank you.

Good heavens I hope so… same organization doing the investigation and your five-year update is done (cant get much more recent than that). But one can never tell and I dont have much experience with how DHS does things.

That depends on your organization. You might have to do a SF86C or they may decide to do a new investigation.
It is all about risk management and their personnel security SOPs.

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A new investigation will not be done. You have already been favorably adjudicated for the level needed now, if it is changed to TS you already have the required investigation done, simply a change in clearance level based on need.