Dcsa interview advice or insight

Congratulations, definitely pop the cork! Did they hint what your working routine would be like prior to the academy?

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I have been wanting to post this question for a little while now as there are quite a few of us in the final stages of on-boarding. I have the good fortune that my schedule is on nights and have a very relaxed atmosphere at work. Any advice on either CDSE courses or other orientation courses that we all have to knock out in the first month of being hired? I have been doing a ton of CDSE courses thus far and it’s been very helpful to offer a solid foundation of understanding. If anyone has input on other courses to complete prior to day one that would be really nice.


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They didn’t mention much as my EOD is rather far away. They gave me a few start dates as early as sept but unfortunately I was not able to make them work.

HR did state that when you first get on there’s a mandatory two week Virtual “on-boarding” training. During this phase, you can’t miss a single day. She stated after completion of the training, I would be placed in a mentorship program until the February ‘22 training course started.


Most of the information you will learn during your training is restricted information.

The CDSE courses are helpful for background knowledge and understanding the industry, but there are none that I know of that specifically apply to the vetting process.

There are other sources of information once you are trained, and can apply the information, that will be extremely helpful. Hopefully you will have an energetic and knowledgeable coach that will suggest these additional references.

If not, pop back in here and we can figure out a way to communicate on the side.


The next raining class is February 2022?

You have got to be joking.

Pretty wild eh? I also understand the program adds two weeks for Federal orientation before you start agent training… you’d think they would add the two weeks to the agent training.

No kidding. With the amount of hiring going on it is ridiculous to have the next class be that far out. I can have an agent working out on their own by then. What a waste.

What is Federal orientation? Lol. Absolutely should use that time for the classes instead. Crazy.

I am not sure what federal orientation is either. Another new hire told me about this…

Well, final offer accepted…Thanks everyone for all the feedback and good luck to all of you.

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which duty area? Just curious as I know we are still interviewing for my area.

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Hello everyone, I also received a VM today from DCSA HR for a final offer as well. DC area. Anyone else from DC get the call?


Thanks for the information. Haven’t been able to hope on here for a bit due to work intensity. That all sounds great.

Thanks for reaching out; my apologies for the delayed response. Hope you have a great holiday weekend.


Just received phone call from HR. Now currently awaiting email with tentative job offer attached.

Will keep everyone updated as more information comes along!


That’s awesome news! Congrats Trey!

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Thank you! Forms have been submitted and the waiting game begins.

Congrats, where area are you going to?

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Thank you!!!

The posting for the tri-state area of PA-NJ-DEL

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I told you don’t give up. Congrats . I have not heard anything . I might be out of the running. Dont know what to think now. I interviewed back in June

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