DSCA BI hiring process

I had an interview 2 weeks ago with the SAC for the 1810 position. Was asked for references at the end of the interview. They haven’t been called as of yet. Followed up with SAC via email who stated that the information was forwarded to the next person in the hiring process. Not sure if I’m still in the running, but I’m wondering if this was a similar experience for anyone else. If you could share your hiring timelines that would be appreciated!

it is a painfully slow process these days.

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Painfully slow and incredibly unresponsive and unprofessional in my experience. If you hear nothing keep pinging the interviewers. If they are hiring someone they expect to be responsive and professional…then the individuals participating in the hiring process need to be the same.

Seems like it for sure

I recently interviewed for DCSA but was not asked for references. Hmmm i did list references on my resume tho.

Maybe they saw the references on there and didn’t ask for then

Following. Any updates? I just interviewed today as well.

I emailed HR and they said to check back at the end of May. “The hiring manager hasn’t made a decision”

Best of luck for sure. :crossed_fingers:

I hope so. No news yet for me. Hopefully ill hear something soon

What division did you apply to?

Not sure to be honest. The posting said Investigator. When i did my interview i was told that office only deals with DOD backgrounds

I understand. what location ?

Update check!

For me, two weeks since interview. Supervisor contacted. Nothing since.

I’m starting to lose hope. It’s been 4 weeks, nothing. I’ll assume I’m out of the running

:frowning: i hope they at least tell you something. This process really gets to your nerves.

At least you all got an interview. I am an old timer, years of experience, didn’t even get referred to the hiring manager. Wish you all the best. It’s probably just typical fed slow pace stuff.

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That’s true! I’d just like to know if I was chosen or not!!!

Any update? Its still radio silence on my end!

Same here. Thinking of reaching out at the end of the week if i dont hear anything… How long has it been for you?