DSCA BI hiring process

I interviewed on march 28. Emailed HR 2 weeks ago and they said to check back by the end of May if I don’t hear anything.

No updates. Nothing on usajobs or email

This isn’t like your typical interviews. You first get referred. You’ll then get interviewed either by a panel or hiring manager. They send up their findings and HR will then reach out to you. It is a long, slow process. Feel free to check back but continue to push on with what you’re doing now keeping hope that you’ll be selected! Good luck!!!


Definitely applying elsewhere while waiting. Figure since my references weren’t contacted I was probably out of the running

I interviewed april 8.

My two cents on apply and hiring at DCSA……

The first part of this comment is how to get the interview, towards the end I talk a little bit about my timeline, I interviewed in june 2021 . I did not start until October 2021. That was with coming in with the clearance and being a former contractor. It is a long slow process.

For those of you who are current contractors and not getting referrals, I would start by revamping your resume.

Go on LinkedIn search DCSA special agent. Find as many resumes as you can, take the best wording out of each that fit your skills.

Look at the job description on usajobs , make sure you hit each of those points on your resume. Look at the posting and the questions that the actual application asks. Write out the answer and revise. Repeat. Keep revising until you have a good resume and answers to the application questions. Then revise again.

If you are a contractor you know the buzz words, use them. Quality, efficiency, timeliness, leadership, ability to be a team player while working independently etc.

If the job description says an investigator needs to have the skill of being able to talk to everyone, then your resume needs to say that you have that ability. My resume is 4 pages long. I was a contractor for over a decade.

Then apply like mad. I started applying in March 2021 to every posting in a city that I thought I could work and live in for 2-4 years.

I looked every morning for new postings. I had my application ready to go. I easily applied to 15 or more posting for investigators all over the West coast, Midwest, and South. I didn’t want to work DC and East coast. This was my personal preference.

I kept revising the resume until I was referred and interviewed. I lost track of how many times I applied and was referred or not referred.

I interviewed 6 times with 6 different panel interviews from June to August. Each interview is about an hour or more with 5-6 people rating you. Most had me do a writing sample (timed) after the interview.

I accepted a position with DCSA as an agent in October 2021.This was one of the first interviews I did in June…. I was offered two positions in vastly different duty stations. Was either location my dream location? No. I took the one that had the best cost of living and that I felt I would like the workload.

Yes it’s this competitive, it is a full time job looking for a job.

I am happy with my decision to leave contracting and go fed.

Was I ready to give up? More than once……


Thank you for this input. I am a federal contractor and would love to get back into the federal government. So, when you applied to DCSA what was the timeline like after interviewing and were you references contacted?

Just wanted to update everyone, I’ve just received my TJO today.

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Very nice! Congratulations!!

Congrats. Still radio silence for me lol

Don’t give up hope you still have a chance

What was your interview experience like? Was there a written portion?

The interview was not difficult. Just name a time questions and questions about organization and time management. It was pretty laid back. The written portion consisted of them reading me a scenario and me writing a report to explain what happened.