Direct agency CIs

I am wondering if someone could help me locate information on applying to be a CI directly with an agency. I’ve heard that agencies such as ATF, FBI, and State Dept. hire CIs, but I’m unable to locate any websites that refer to this, other than mentions in blog posts. Thanks in advance. This FI wants to run for the hills with the “current landscape” (—my SL) at my vendor.

I wish I knew this information. Not too long ago I ran into an investigator in the field who said he contracted directly with the state Dept. Asked him how I could look for such opportunities and he just said he was in the “right place at the right time”…like thanks for the help buddy :roll_eyes:

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Those of us with federal contracts don’t want other Investigators infiltrating our local markets with DCSA contractors so I’m not surprised this other Investigator kept you in the dark.

Thanks for the help and advice on how to directly contract with an agency!