DoD Contractor Security Clearance Process Overview Chart

The Defense Security Service put out a simplified chart providing a high level overview of the clearance process for DoD contractors. This process is generally the same across government with a few different nuances depending on the agency:


Thanks Marko very nice chart…would have been nice if they inserted estimated actually time lines to each step…im sitting in the black void of step 8 for 100 days now.

I forgot to ask this question, I figured you could answer it. In step 9, if DoDCAF sends the SOR to DOHA for legal review will the status in JPAS change to show that or will it continue to say In adjudacation? Im assuming the DoS is kind of the same lay out. Thanks.

The investigation may show closed but the adjudication status will be pending until a final decision is made.

I am at step 8 for 8 months now.

Is this for DoD secret or TS? Will you be working for a contractor or directly with the government?