DUI In Foreign Country


Less than a month ago I was detained and taken to a police station for driving under the influence. Mind you in was in Qatar (Islamic State - Zero Tolerance). They do allow alcohol consumption in Hotel bars. I was not at all drunk. I went to a hotel bar to meet some friends to say farewell. I was leaving Qatar for good two days later. I left from the hotel to go get food and head home. I was stopped at an ID checkpoint where I admitted to alcohol consumption at the hotel. They detained me and took me to a holding cell, took blood. I have no clue what my alcohol blood level was at the time. They never told me anything at all. I do not even know if I was charged per Qatari law. I did goto their prosecutions office and explained to them my side of the story. After that I was told to pay 2,000, which I did. The next day I left Qatar to come back to the US as planned. I do not have a job at the moment. However, I am applying for some. I have a clearance and I want to report the incident. However, I do not know how to self report??

I also want to report a relationship with a foreign national who has joined me in the U.S. under a visa I sponsored. We are planning to marry. How would I report this? How soon should I report it?

Also, with all aforementioned -- What will happen with my clearance..? What should I do.

I am working to get my background check in Qatar -- however, it has proven to be extremely difficult... Any help and guidance would be great.





I have held my clearance for seven years now. Originally, it was TS/SSBI. My last job only required Secret. Therefore, my clearance was downgraded and never got a PR for the TS -- now just hold the Secret. I resigned from my job abroad two weeks before my DUI, then left the country as planned, to come back State-Side to start a new job. Last employer released me from their JPAS. Now they are no longer the "owner". I am in limbo now for my next job. Pending the background investigation from Qatar. I want to report the DUI but as said before - no clue how?? I did report it to my old Program Manager and HR Manager. But, I have no clue what they did with it. As far as I know my new employer has taken ownership of my clearance, I think...


You do not have an active clearance at this time, therefore, no mechanism exists for reporting because there is no need for anyone to review the information due to there being no concerns from a government point of view at this time. If you do happen to land a job requiring a clearance you should inform the FSO of the company of this information or if they have you fill out a new SF-86 then disclose it all.


After reading the second part, if you have accepted employment and have had your clearance reinstated, and have not reported this information yet to the FSO, you should do so immediately.