E-QIP Leave and Credit Issues

I have been a federal employee with USDA for over 18 years. I recently received a TO from another agency within USDA. My current position and the position I received a TO for are both non-sensitive/low risk. I had to complete a new E-QIP for an updated background investigation. It goes back 5 years. My concern is that I have had some issues with leave due to various personal reasons and was given a letter that basically restricted taking LWOP or advanced sick leave. I went to the doctor one morning and even though I was obviously sick and turned in a doctors note I was still charged with about 3 hours AWOL. I asked for reconsideration and offered to turn in a more in depth statement from the doctor’s office but my request was denied. I haven’t received anything further about that other than it being on my timesheet. My other concern is that my credit isn’t great. I am currently in chapter 13 but have made all the payments. I have a few collections that I am in the process of disputing. Could these 2 things keep me from receiving a final job offer?