Eligibility Concerns

I’m currently applying for a job requiring a security clearance. I have an ELS discharge from the military due to medical reasons that I no longer have. 11.5 years ago. I also have a driving under the influence conviction from 6.5 years ago. Satisfied all requirements for that. On the financial side, I have had one credit card charged off which I have nearly paid off. Will these situations stop me from obtaining a clearance?

I would go for it! Make sure your discharge status is listed, even it explanation needs to be in comments. DUI charge has to be listed due to EVER question. Definitely list the financial account. Just be honest. Honesty is weighted more sometimes more than past offenses. I am not an adjudicator, but your issues do not seem to be to the extreme.

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There is an aspect of becoming a better you in the story of a life that has some mistakes here and there. I think that if your honest with what happened in your past, and take accountability, it shows true character that rises above. I would continue working toward paying off the credit card issues and explain that aspect. I think its highly likely that you will obtain your clearance given the information you have put forth. Even if some reason you don’t obtain a clearance, that doesn’t change who you have become, which you should be proud of.