Eligibility for CIA, NSA jobs

I’m an Artificial Intelligence graduate student interested in working for one of the intelligence agencies listed above. However, I have three concerns regarding my eligibility:

  1. I smoked marijuana a few times in college

  2. I hold American + two additional citizenships (both friendly countries)

  3. I studied abroad in Hong Kong, and became friends with several people from dozens of countries (some friendly, others less so)

Is it still possible for me to gain a security clearance, or are the odds of my receiving an offer next to none?

Thank you for your help.

Well, here’s my response:

Item 1: not a big deal, especially if the last use was over a year ago.
Item 2: This is not necessarily a disqualifier but does get complicated. Usually naturalized citizens have two citizenships, US and their country of origin. How does one get three? Do you have all three passports and have you used any non-US passport for travel?
Item 3: Not a problem in and of itself.

Items 2 and 3 are not disqualifiers but may make for a more complicated case and therefore a longer investigation. There is also an implied Item 4, foreign contacts, which may need to be disclosed.

You are certainly eligible and if you have the credentials in AI (especially anything related to machine learning which seems to be very hot these days) there will certainly be interest. But it may take longer than usual to get cleared.