EMT Holdings - info?

Anyone have any knowledge of or experience with EMT Holdings? Pay rates for ICs? Management? Ownership?

I saw something on Gov website stating Paragon CEO is making $250,000 per year. Y’all get on out there and hustle it up for the CEO!


Bump. I believe they are hiring so again interested in any insights.

That’s too much considering that I heard he’s running the company to the ground.

Just started with EMT Holdings (from Paragon) and the pay rate is solid and the management team is all from Peraton. The President is Jennifer Boaz who was Peraton’s contractor director for a really long time. They are a direct sub to CACI (not CANDA), so some pains with technology but easy team to work with and have healthy workloads. I was able to transfer from Paragon on Friday and start on Monday since both companies were working with CACI. So far so good and I know I have a paycheck coming in.


What’s the pay like for the expected production requirements?

No expectations as a contractor and pay is $75 per SU. You tell them how much work you want and they give 3 weeks ACD for most of the workloads.