“Fast Tracked”? DOS S

Any recent submitors told by their investigator that their application had been “fast tracked” under new initiative? OPM special investigator advised my app had no red flags therefore I’d been fast tracked and allowed a phone personal interview instead of in-person.
I have a contingent job offer from a DOS contractor requiring a Secret clearance. Issued a DOS TS in 2009 within 8 mos so I’m not concerned about eligibility just the wait time given current backlog.

EQIP submitted Sept ‘18
Employers received verification letters Oct ‘18
OPM personal interview via phone Nov ‘18

They are only doing interviews on secrets if there is an issue. If there is no issue, there is no interview. So something in your record caused you to have to be interviewed.

The Subject interview by telephone is only allowed for minor issues and/or clarification triggers. This is a good sign. “Fast tracked” is a poor term and should not be used by investigators.

I was contacted and told something similar. Definitely suprised me. My timeline is similar to yours. Have you had any updates?

No update. Company’s security officer advised investigation is still open with no determination made on interim yet.

Update: final clearance approved May '19


@worldtrekker… congratulations!!!