Fav Prints waiting NACI


I was granted a favorable fingerprint adjunction 5 weeks ago, around Christmas or so. I originally filled out the forms in Oct. I was told that was an unusual amount of time for fingerprints. Is that because there was an investigation?

I was given a start date and have started my position. Currently waiting on NACI. I did disclose an incident that happened almost 5 years ago. Misdemeanor charge, and I did complete a rehabilitation program.

Credit and references are good. Will this disqualify me? What will happen if I don’t get a favorable review? I’m trying to be positive but it’s a bit unnerving. How often do finger prints pass and a NACI come back negative?

I started in Feb. How long should I expect the process to take? Thank you

Fingerprint results don’t come back as “negative.” The results are either ‘no record found’ or a RAP sheet. Typically fingerprint results are received within a day by the requesting agency.

I’m not understanding why you’ve started work before fingerprint results are in. Preliminary determinations are made after evaluating fingerprint results.

I received fav fingerprints, which allowed me to start. I’m waiting on the final NACI.

Whatever “fav prints” means.

Fingerprint results come back as either:

  1. No record found
  2. RAP sheet

You do not get favorable or unfavorable on your fingerprint results.

And NACI is no longer in existence. A Tier 1 investigation is conducted for low risk nonsensitive positions.

My company refered to the fingerprints as “a favorable adjunction”

No NACI. Tier I, got it. What will happen if I don’t get a favorable tier 1? Any idea how long it may take. An estimate?

Your company doesn’t know what they are talking about. Period.

If you don’t get a favorable, you don’t have a job.

Lol. Harpoon, I DID get to start due to fingerprints coming back clean. My concern is what happens after that. I hope if there is any concern they will ask about it.

Come on . . . Tell me that you can’t understand an employer telling an employee that he received a “favorable” report on his finger prints? They aren’t the ones making the request OR receiving the report. Not everybody is going to understand that “no report” IS “favorable”. You shouldn’t expect everyone to.

You could just explain.

I received the all clear on the 2nd part of the tier I today. Thank you all who comment here. It’s very helpful. It took about 3 months total for everything.