Question about "Favorable NAC"

I am doing a contract job for a government agency and, after filling out some forms and submitting my fingerprints, I received a “Favorable NAC,” which will allow me to do the contract.

My question is: is this anything significant? As a sole-proprietor business owner, I was hoping to be able to put some sort of security clearance level on my web site, in case any other government agencies are looking for services.

However, I read here that “a favorable NAC is the prelude for the submission of a NACI.” So maybe having a “favorable NAC” isn’t that significant and isn’t an actual level of security clearance.

Any advice or information regarding this would be appreciated.


It does not meet any investigative requirements for a federal position or a security clearance. It is merely a part of every background investigation and is used by some agencies as the point where they process you for employment while the investigation is being completed.

So you’re saying that the investigation is continuing, and that I should eventually receive an actual security clearance level? (Again, this is for a project contract.)


Again, a NAC is a part of every investigation, so it does not necessarily mean you are going to be granted a security clearance, but rather you will meet HSPD-12 credentialing requirements for access to federal facilities and/or IT systems. Your HR should know what they put you in for.

OK, I wasn’t sure if you were saying that it’s just an initial result in the overall process, or if it sometimes stands alone as the only thing that some investigations might require. I see now that you’re saying the latter, so it’s clear now. Thanks for your replies!

Hi Marco, I have a new employee that I need to start processing CAC cards for the team ASAP. In order do this she has to have a NACI or, with a waiver, just have a favorable return on her fingerprints from the FBI. Assuming my COR is OK with allowing this authorized waiver, do you have any idea how we will know when the FBI has run the prints?

FP results can be viewed/returned same day if no record is found. If a record is found it could take 3 to 5 days. However, you cannot get issued a CAC until FP results are favorable AND a minimum level (Tier 1) investigation has been submitted to OPM if one (or higher level) has not already been done. I am not aware of any waivers allowed for this process or why their would be a need for one.

Sounds good, thanks Marco. It did read that a NACI packet had to be submitted, it just offered a waiver after the FP due to the length of time it was talking to finish the entire package. I understand the FP on a secret is running about 4 months currently. If this turns in days it might be my best path.