Nac Investigation


Guys I am trying to find out if I will be disqualified since I did have a 21 (I was 20 at that time) years old felony of WHICH i got probation. In any case. I work for a health industry as a security Engineer. I heard that an NAC is going to be conducted because some federal agency used the service. I just want to find out if this means that I am out of luck in this career line. I am thinking of going to a lower level just to avoid the NAC. Maybe take an analyst job or something.

Honest is always the best policy I know.How do I go about this matter?
Let me know what you think.


A favorable NAC is the prelude for the submission of a NACI which is the lowest level of investigation you can undergo in order to get a Federal CAC card or PIV badge and if you are working for or supporting the Federal Government there is no avoiding undergoing the check. A felony 21 years ago will not be a concern if there is no similar conduct since then.


Thanks a lot. I will go ahead and fill the paper up then.