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After following the daily posts on clearanceblog it doesn’t seem like we’ll be out of work any time soon.

i am back to working like a dog. I think my boss thinks i am still a contractor… (jk)

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Same here… back to usis 2.0 games.

Full time activity hit about two weeks or so ago, but the employer isn’t embracing this as the norm but as needed. There won’t be a swift return to the employer saying everyone gets FT. I wonder if 20. - 30 hours is gonna be the aim for norm but more time is conveniently available as case load dictates.

WildnCrazy, is that the norm for the company you work for? Are you working 20-30 hours a week? As an employee or contractor?

The company will drag part-time status and full-time case load out as long as possible because.they’re making so much money it’s making them dizzy. The new person in charge has never been in the BI business so I suspect he’s unaware the wheel was already invented 20 years ago and employees have been fighting these practices for 20 years (8 letter word that starts with an L). Oh well, at least he’ll get his bonus then be down the road like RD who destroyed usis and then moved on to destroy other companies and write books about how awesome he is.

Hired as full time- worked that much and then some until Covid. During Covid, hours reduced and called modified scheduling - which was supposedly to save jobs by not laying off. I think layoffs took place anyway.

If you string together what management has announced over the past few months - everything stays closed til Sept. Return to the field maybe late Fall but nothing about returning to true full time.

At the moment the modified schedule with guaranteed part time hours is the expectation but FIs in certain, unnamed areas are given a full time caseload.

It’s looking as though it’s up to the FI to ask for more hours in order to complete the FT caseload - management doesn’t seem to be equating the additional caseload or requirement to add items rather then schedule out as extra time needed.

I don’t know what is normal at the moment.

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