Fraudulent Enlistment

I have a “sealed” juvenile misdemeanor that I attempted to disclose to my recruiter when I joined the Reserves. When I told him he said to wait for the FBI fingerprints to come back and see if there was a hit on the system. There wasn’t and he told me there was no need to disclose it officially. So I lied at MEPS. I’m in the process of reenlisting into Active service and I wanted to disclose my record and receive a waiver. But was told that I would most likely receive a fraudulent enlistment charge instead. Now I feel like I’m being guided again to lie but I know that in the future I will require a Security clearance. If I disclose my record on the SF86 will my branch be able to access it? Is it just time to say goodbye to the military?

The response provided in Reddit will be the same found here. It will depend on your command whether to push the fraudulent enlistment or not.


Highly recommend talking to legal. See if they can guide you. Recruiters have a lousy track record in that department. That doesn’t absolve you, but helps explain the situation. Now, after maturity and wisdom…ethical development…you feel there is a wrong requiring correction. If done now I believe you will survive. You cannot wait for the next enlistment. Clearing your conscience will feel great. Its easy to understand how young folk are somewhat in awe of our recruiters. The power dynamic…we are easily led down paths we disagree with.


You’d be better off to disclose it and explain why it was not disclosed the first time around. You’d feel better to be open and honest about the matter. Down the road, your response will be that it was discussed in a previous background investigation.

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