Fyeo- package about to be received

Hey guys long time! I just was sent a password protected pdf from security officer from DOHA. I’m waiting for the password now.

It’s been a few years since I applied and had my meeting with investigator (about 2 years in fact)…: I’ve been on the job for almost 3 years now.

I did have the felony conviction in 2015 for a mortgage issue that occurred when I was 22 in 2007.dragged through the courts. A lot has changed since I applied. I’m no longer on supervised release, but I was when I originally applied. Etc.

I’m completely speculating as I have been waiting on the password for a few days now for covid.

She said I’m still pending in jpas so it might just be some follow up questions. But anticipation is killing me.

Somebody else on here reported something similar… it sounded very ominous and we are expected the worst. But it turned out to be some rather simple questions.

Good luck!

Finally got the password. It’s a sor for the felony in 2007, and recent incarceration from Jan 16-jul 17. I’ll submit it was a long legal process and i was 22 and all that stuff… And an embezzlement charge that never happened when I was 17, a co-worker was stealing and I gave a statement to police. Don’t know where that came from… even so I was underage and someone must have put something in wrong, I was never charged with anything.

Why wouldn’t the adjudicator apply the mitigation instead of making me do all this paperwork? Everything I submitted was in my sf86 regarding the incident and I listed my mitigation factors there.

This? You didn’t mention this above.

The case dragged on for years… Massachusetts federal court doesn’t have rocket docket. My boss/codefendent kept filing motions to throw case out for years… I was 22 when it happened 32 when it finally got resolved. I guess the adjudicator was confused why I have incarceration in 2016 for something that happened in 2006…

It does seem confusing that you were incarcerated but not charged with anything. Incarceration of any type usually requires some type of charges that may or may not be dropped later.

I was incarcerated from the charge in 2006. By the time they indicted my boss. He wouldn’t plead so they superseded indicted me in hopes I would plea and turn witness against my boss(I couldn’t due to not knowing what they wanted me to say, and refusing to give false witness just to get out of it)… and it dragged on until 2015. He got 11 years I got two, did 18 months. It just took forever in the court system.

Either way it was 15 years ago. Disposition was just 9 years later…

I won’t identify the OP by name, but it took about 10 minutes of googling before I was reading the sentencing memorandum filed by the U.S. attorney in his case. An excerpt:

"In his sentencing memorandum, [the defendant’s] labored efforts to deflect responsibility from himself to others approach the edge of acceptance of responsibility for his criminal conduct. Although his sentencing memorandum squeezes in a whispered mea culpa from time to time, it is weighted almost entirely with repeated declarations that others were responsible for a scheme of which he was not fully aware and thus he should not be held fully accountable for his actions in support of that scheme.

"[The defendant] begins his sentencing memorandum with a statement that he “ceased his involvement in the scheme prearrest . . . .” Def, Mem at 1. If this statement is meant to convey a message that [the defendant] in some way walked away from the fraudulent scheme, it is simply not correct. The facts are that the FBI began its investigation in February or March of 2008 and [the defendant] was one of the primary targets from the outset because he was the recruiter for so many of the straw borrowers.

[The defendant] was still recruiting straw borrowers for properties that closed in April of 2008. By mid-2008 the scheme was failing because of the FBI investigation and because straw borrowers recruited by [the defendant] and others had been complaining for some time about renovations not made, units not rented and mortgage payments not paid. [The defendant] was interviewed by the FBI in December 2008. [The defendant] had not somehow followed a moral compass and left the scheme. He was an active, aggressive participant until the scheme itself was ended."

While the criminal conduct ended in 2008 – only because of heat from the feds – the OP was charged in 2010, pleaded guilty on the eve of trial in summer 2015, and was sentenced to federal prison in November 2015.

We’re all entitled to second chances, and the OP is certainly entitled to make his case that time and subsequent law-abiding conduct has mitigated his crimes. But I hope the adjudicator got to read that sentencing memorandum.

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A brief followup, it’s disingenuous to cite time as a mitigating factor and then add “it just took forever in the court system.” It took forever because the original poster - the defendant - made every play in the book to drag the case out, and then only copped a plea at the 11th hour to avoid trial and the exposure of actually having a jury hear the facts. These charges came in 2010 and were resolved in 2015. I’m sure the U.S. attorney would have preferred that the case not take five years. That the defendant’s case took that long is attributable to exactly one (1) person.

Just own it, man.

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That does look familiar. I also hope you know those memos are dog and pony shows and the judge disagreed with prosecutors assessment. I didn’t write mine. normally def attorneys try to get people to take 110% responsibility to get less time or keep prosecution from beating defendant up at sentencing. I told him absolutely not. I’d admit to conduct but not the mens réa behind it. The judge was annoyed by the dramatics.

Like I said I learned a lot by going through the process.

While Google is nice, definitely documents don’t tell the full story. I’m actually an open book about things and you can definitely ask questions

Crazy forts I see you are a BI. Do you guys only look at one document when making an assessment? I spoke at length with my interviewer about the time line etc and during he gained a better picture of the situation. I ask because you leapt to the conclusion that I kept tying it up when I didn’t. I didn’t plea until it was in my best interest to plea because everybody in all the cases took plea agreements. Part of their plea agreement was to testify against people that go to trial.

I’d be digging my own grave not to have when now I have people who are trying to shave time off and the prosecutor against me… they literally called my lawyers and told them we got who we wanted don’t make us make it harder on him.

I was never arguing what I did. I did it. It was why I did it and where they tried to take it was the problem.

I didn’t drag it out. When you have co defendants you can’t severe a case and my old boss hired a slew of lawyers that kept filing motions.

If you want a more accurate assessment, read the judges opinion not the prosecutors fire and brimstone statement. His job is to show he’s fighting for society and law and order.

Wow, what a terrible guy.

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@needhelp I hope all is well for you. I was wondering if you would be willing to share an update. I am new to this discussion forum and I have read all of your topics and posts. I have a similar story as you and am wondering if I would be able to obtain a clearance… I was looking for a way to send you a private message of IM, but I don’t see how to do that through this forum. So I was hoping you would share what has happened since January 2021 for you. Thank you!

I was cleared. Good luck! Just keep moving forward.

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I would just add. Stay above board and try to get everything cleared up. Get your rights back. Exceed expectations and Move on. I honestly forget about it sometimes. Either way it shakes out don’t let one situation define you. If you get past suitability. You won’t get an interim and the SOR process is arduous. Time, positivity, and effort tend to work out in any situation.