GDIT & DHS Going Hourly?

Friday, July 30, 2021, 1900 hours. Email from GDIT: CBP contract ends, (ah, tomorrow!), so your BOA is being modified.

Ok, I’ve seen BOA modifications before. However…

“under the new DHS contract, you will be paid hourly”…


From 1099 contractor to hourly employee? Is this connected to a vaccine mandate? Or, simply you get 2.0 hours for an ESI, 0.5 for a record?

How about why is this email dropping just hours before it goes into effect (on Saturday, no less)? Is this a case of passive aggressive behavior? So Monday I take off to get a record. Do I track my time now? Input it into some new portal?

Many, many questions.

Does anyone know how Background Investigator “Level” (1,2,3,4) is determined?

Fun times in the BI industry!

Does the letter say you are converting over to an hourly employee? Or does it say that they are going to pay you hourly (as a contractor) as opposed to per item delivered? Did they give you an hourly rate?

I just reread your quote from the letter. Sounds like you will still be a contractor but paid per hour instead of per item.