Granted DHS Clearance

I was granted a DHS clearance for the current job I have, prior to this I got out the military in May 2017 with a secret DOD clearance. It took 3 months for this company to finalize and give me DHS clearance. I have found out that this job is a dead-end job (no pay raise, no promotions) and decided to move on to a better one. I put in my two weeks notice a week ago, some of the supervisors at my current job I am leaving are telling me that the company can take away my DHS clearance in the process of doing so I can also lose my DOD secret clearance, is this true?

They are correct. Clearances do not go with a person, you must be in a position that requires it in order to keep it.

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Technically you did not take your DoD clearance with you. DoD doesn’t’ bother to debrief most folks, and their eligibility can cross over to new agencies up to officially 24 months, but I seen them cross over up to 5 years later. DHS likely debriefs you and the 24 month timeframe would normally start ticking…but the close date of the last BI is likely the date you need be most concerned with. If you have not yet lined up a new job why would give notice to DHS? Perhaps it is just me but I like to have another vine in hand before giving up the one I have.


I’m already in process for another job that requires a TS clearance. I just wanted to get more info on whether or not the supervisors claim is valid. My DOD secret clearance is still active according to jpas representatives. I got out the military in may 2017 two years from that date would be may 2019.

Correct. That means you have eligibility…but the clearance doesn’t leave with the person. A common misunderstanding. Any agency should be able to cross you over to their contract if the BI is in scope.