Have Int.SECRET, w/2 new Adjudicaitons (CAF No,NOT Reported)

Currently have an Int. SECRET granted by DoD(Military). I am a reserve component Service Member, with a Fed Civilian Job(DoD Civilian) which I am awaiting for them to grant me a SECRET. Question is I also had two pending positions I had applied for with DHS. I have two new adjudications from DHS; One was a suitability= Favorable. The other a TS= Favorable, but at the end of the Adjudication line on the SII Search it says CAF NO, Not Reported. What does this mean? All Adjudication lines in JPAS/SII Search show favorable. I am not showing any granted clearance (S or TS) on my civilian profile in JPAS, or on the Military profile. Is it because I am not in a TS position yet with DHS and have not been brought on board? Thanks!