Have Interim SEcret DOD how long THESE days to get the full

HI I have a job got on boarded with Interim so happy indeed . Now with the current situation how long is it talking for full adjudication ? as people remote etc …and is it plain sailing from here ? sorry so many questions .

THank you all.


I imagine your DUI will slow things down.

I wont venture a guess but we have seen a couple reports lately of people receiving final secret clearance in under six months. As always, your mileage may vary… greatly.

I know this is a boring, canned answer that gets repeated ad nauseam, but “it depends”. Every situation is different.

I got my interim DoD Secret in September of 2014. My background was clean as a whistle. No drugs, no criminal record of any kind, no foreign affiliations, and so on. However, I did not get my final Secret until May of 2016. I was working on an interim Secret for over a year and a half (20 months).

I started panicking at the time because a lot of people who were hired around the same time as me were getting their final clearances a lot sooner. I thought maybe there was something they found that was causing a problem, so I started asking around (HR, Security, etc…). I kept getting the run around but I finally found out that my investigation had concluded in December of 2014. So my investigation took only 2 months and it sat in adjudication for 18 months.

To this day, I don’t know exactly why adjudication took so long, but this was right around the time period of the Snowden disclosures, the Aaron Alexis shooting, and the OPM breach. I presume what happened was that as the contract for investigations was being transitioned to another company, my case got lost on someone’s desk who got laid off and it sat there being ignored for awhile.

why its closed case no injuries etc

thats all closed case etc