Health Care expedited hiring authority / Timeframe


I was hoping someone here has recent experience with Secret Clearance timeframes when the job has Health Care expedited hiring authority?
This is for an on base position in the medical field, through the DOD. I spoke with my local security person and he said I would have clearance within 30 days, but after reading this board over the past week, I’m not sure that is accurate information.

My timeline so far:
Position interview: 2/7/19
Position offered (tentative for security clearance): 3/15/19
Prints completed: 4/3/19
eQip SF86 submitted: 4/16/19
OPM credit pull: 4/20/19
BI Interview (over phone - to clarify arrest from 1991 and give further info on spouse and child who were both adopted as infants from other countries India/Guatemala): 5/7/19

Does the expedited hiring authority make the process go faster? Or, do I still have lots of waiting time ahead?

Thank you!


If its medical it may be in a classification that jumps the usual queues. They may even classified as mission critical, depending on the role, and have to be staffed by regs so the command has to show best efforts to fill the position permanently as quick as possible.


Thank you for your response. I was surprised when the local security officer said it would be within 30 days. He explained the short wait time was due to the expedited classification in the job posting, but I haven’t seen a question here that addressed that specific type of hiring classification. After reading so many posts on this board with clearance wait times in the 1-2 year range, I began to wonder if I should go back to job searching.


The thing that you have to remember when reading through the boards is that, for the most part, those posting here are the average applicants. People don’t find this board until they have gone well past the average wait time.

You are just at 30 days now (you can only count the time since your eQuip was submitted.) So, you may be close. Most haven’t even heard from an investigator until well after 30 days.


Thank you, Ed. This is all new to me and I came here because I was nervous when I received the email for an investigator phone appointment. I figured I would be questioned on my 1991 arrest, but didn’t quite understand the foreign contact thing as both my spouse and child came here legally, through adoption, as infants. I was searching to see if other people had been asked to explain adoption situations and will admit, I got quite lost in reading all the posts that discussed long wait times. But, what you said totally makes sense.


What did you mean by “expedited hiring authority”? I am basing this on the assumption that it is a General Schedule (GS) position that you are filling. Expedited hiring authority (EHA) is an authority that Office of Personnel Management (OPM) grants to an agency for a certain timeframe, which allows the agency to bypass normal procedures in order to fill a position or positions quickly. If that is what you meant, then I do not believe it has any bearing on how quick your background investigation will go.

I could be wrong tho.


Thank you for your response. I’m not sure what exactly it means. I asked here to see if anyone else had experience with this type of hiring authority and if it did indeed expedite the clearance process. The exact verbiage used in the position detail is, “Health Care expedited hiring authority.” It is a GS position, in the medical field, for an on-base office.