Help- eqip clearance with dui a year and half ago

a year and half ago i was arrested and charged with dui and finished all the court orders . now i have eqip hspd12 security clearance . please let me know if i will get through the clearance or not. im a contractor(non-uscitizen).

You are not being processed for a security clearance if you are not a U.S. citizen. I am assuming based on what you described, that you are undergoing a National Agency Check with Inquires required for long term access to government facilities and/or issuance of a CAC or PIV badge. One DUI will not prevent you from this.

Thank you for the reply. yes this is for piv badge. do you think i will be interviewed by the personnel? im still on probation.

More than likely you will not be interviewed, but it is up to the agency reviewing the investigation.