Hey, I’m being sued

Good morning all,

So, apparently I’m being sued. (I’m a police officer, so it was bound to happen at some point)… if you’re wondering, yes it’s all BS.

However, I know that it could come up in my BI. Is this information that I should share right away or wait until more details develop with respect to speaking with counsel the city provides me?

As a side note: As many of you know, i am currently processing with an intelligence agency with the DoD and my recruiter is on maternity leave and the only office I could notify of this issue is the security office of said agency.

With all of that being said, I have heard nothing from them in almost 6 months… what’s the best course of action here?

(And this agency does its own BI)

Thanks again for your time and have a great weekend!!!

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Report it to your potential agencies security office. You are required to report all civil action that occurs from present to 10 years.

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Done! Thanks a lot…

In what way could this affect my processing?

Wait… it depends on the lawsuit. If you are being sued in performance of your job, I dont think this is reportable. If you are being sued as a private citizen, this, I believe, is reportable.

If you are sued in performance of your job, you should consult your department attorney first. I can imagine the attorney will advise you not to share details or information of the pending lawsuit.

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Ok, thanks! I appreciate it…

I’m being sued during the performance of my job.

Reference section 28 on the SF-86. Report it, trust me. As for it affecting your clearance, that depends on the allegations in the suit and if you’re found liable or not. Best of luck.


Ok, thanks… I have reached out to the security office. I’m just waiting on someone to respond.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be held liable— it appears to just be a money grab— im still nervous nonetheless.

I stand correct… @dave019 is correct.

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As you should be, juries are becoming more bias towards cops these days.


This is true. It might not get that far… as I see it as a money grab… in which the city will probably pay. I’m just sacred because I don’t want it to affect my processing.

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