How do people find out they are in adjudication with IC agencies?

I’ve seen many posters here and on FedSoup post specific dates they were given that they entered adjudication. How are they getting this info?

My recruiter tells me they can only see processing or cleared. Not anything more. This (MD) agency also does not provide a FSO contact to applicants. The recruiter is it.

So how would one figure out if they are in adjudication?

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Thanks for asking this question. I’ve also seen that people post that they knew they were in different stages… and my whole process has been a mystery. No one ever told me when I was moved to the next stage or when a stage was completed. It is a mystery and I wondered if people were calling OPM…

As far as I know, this agency does their own investigations, so I imagine OPM cannot offer much assistance.

maybe that is the difference between some people knowing when they hit different stages and others not knowing. Your new timeline scares me. Waiting another possible 8 months would be horrible. My process has been so long if I included application and interview dates.

Yeah I have the following

368 days since application
301 days since interview
276 days since CJO
260 days since SF86